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I am so saddened by the treatment given to a homeless man and the man kind enough to buy him food from your business. Why would you ask the homeless man to leave?????

He was not bothering anyone. Only trying to eat the food the man was kind enough to have brought him. The homeless man had not asked for anything. The kind gentleman went over to him across the street to offer to buy him food.

Your management called the law and had them both removed AFTER allowing the food to be purchased,. So so wrong. And you have the nerve to ask for money for Ronald McDonald house from patrons. !!

So much for your compassion and proper respect of people.

No refund was offered either. Wrong on so many levels.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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A lot of homeless do not regularly bathe. As such when a homeless person visits there tends to be a cloud of stink.

No one wants to sit near them.

If they are in a bad spot it will drive customers away. When they camp out in front it’s even worse as people will just drive off.


I understand how you are feeling about what happened, however you also need to understand the why's behind what was done. The business must protect itself, the homeless man would tell other homeless about how he got a free meal at this establishment, word would get out into the homeless community, and not long after there would be a great deal of homeless people outside the doors, asking and begging paying customers to "help" them out.

Customers would feel uncomfortable about visiting the establishment. There are homeless shelters, and soup kitchens that are there to feed the homeless.

The business needs to protect its paying customers from being harassed. This policy is in place to deter people from "helping" the homeless, and ultimately hurting its business.I am not being heartless, just stating the truth.

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