i went to the mcdonalds on lake underhill/alafaya trail in orlando, fl. late at night there is usually this dumb *** sounding black male retard working there...normally the *** nlgger is ok. However, this time they got my order wrong. I went back to get a little unsweet tea to add to my sweet tea--nothing big. Oh boy..it turned into a HUGE issue of incompetent trash worthless mcdonalds employees harassing me, a female customer fighting arguing with me...over maybe half a cup of unsweet tea? if the restaurant was open, i could've just gone inside to get it...but it was 2 am. when i got to the window, there was the same idiotic rude *** nlgger working there...one thing ive learned is that black people in orlando are for the most part just crazy..and violent...angry mean rude bitter..psychopaths--especally women. i wasnt expecting it from a black male though. but the black people that work at mcdonalds...are even worse..blatant angry bitter psychopaths..monsters who absue women and people for NO reason....

so instead of grabbing a small cup and handing me some unsweet tea....the angry *** nlgger decides he just wanted to take his anger out on me and start fighting me...im a peaceful kind sweet female just kindly asking for a little more unsweet tea after THEY messed up my drink. this deranged angry nlgger begins yelling "NO WE CANT GIVE YOU MORE TEA OR WE"LL HAVE TO CHARGE YOU THAT"S OUR POLICY." i said...i just want a little bit of unsweet tea...he said i'd have to give him my cup back...i didn't want to because i just didnt trust that slimeball at this point plus he was more into a power game of let's do this MY WAY and he wanted to make it difficult for me...he said "YOU HAVE TO GIVE US YOUR CUP BACK." i said no that's not true...then he began screaming at me more and fighting...then ran to the back to talk to someone...

oh my gosh...me wanting half a cup of unsweet tea this angry pathetic nlgger has turned into a HUGE ORDEAL...where angry psychotic pile of waste shlt wants to FIGHT a nice female customer, cause her grief, upset her, take its anger out on her...what a worthless twisted sub human pile of ***...angry psychotic *** nlgger goes to employees to argue fight...then a fat chubby dumb *** looking female comes...to tell me..(with her -50 IQ) that...they can't give me more tea its their POLICY its what her manager said....oh btw the *** dumb rude angry violent male nlgger claimed to be the manager...in the *** nlgger powertrip he had to LIE too jsut to try to win the argument prove his point to do things ITS way...how twisted was this hideous thing from ***...so angry *** nlgger is now furious and sending his incompetent dipshlt retard mcdonalds NO IQ employees to explain to me his BS....then an old dumb lady comes and again she TOO says they have to take back my cup... i explained its not policy i do it ALL the time...EVERYWHERE. then the old dumb hag said well ok if you want i can give you a little bit...i said OK SURE....so as the hag is filling the cup the ANGRY PSYCHO G A Y nlgger is FUMING IN THE BACKGROUND...ANGRY FUMING because shes giving me some EXTRA UNSWEET TEA...REALLY??? this g a y pile of shlt even yells "THATS ENOUGH"...lol as if im trying to STEAL extra unsweet tea...are you f*cking kidding me..??? a DOLLAR TEA THAT IS FREE REFILLS INSIDE???

SO for them messing up my drink...i had to get yelled at put down treated badly, wait lnoger, go through a HUGE ordeal all because some hideous g a y black male is ANGRY AT pretty women and decides to take it out on a customer??? this hideous fa ggit should NOT be working there and needs to be fired...this fagit nlggers manager is going to be hearing about how this ugly dumb thing harasses women for no reason upsets them for a powertrip...you dumb hideous nlgger i truly hope someone whacks the *** out of you...for putting ANY customer through that you worhtless deranged THING...i would have splt on your useless self for thinking you can do that to ANYONE....

people in orlando are the biggest DEGENERATES to exist...tehy arent even human they are sub human on another level...black people in orlando esp women are the worst...you can go to any freaking city in the world and black people are NORMAL..in orlando EVERYONE IS CRAZY....its the WORST city and black psychos that work at mcdonalds are angry aggressive violent... please do not allow this roach nlgger male to worka round the general public...he is a pathetic piece of shlt that needs to be drenched in mud and SPAT on ...for abusing and bullying mcdonalds customers...oh and what i like is how people will DEFEND THE NlGGER just because hes BLACK...OH AS if black people cant be bullies because their ancestors were oppressed...black people of the PAST ARE NOT THE SAME NlGGERS AS NOW...the black people of the past were HEROES and GREAT PEOPLE..the black people now are arrogant self righteous SHlT ENTITLED TO NOTHING...THOSE OF THE PAST ARE THE ONES ENTITLED TO PRIVILEGES NOT THE PIGS THAT EXIST TODAY WHO ARE ARROGANT EVIL *** FROM ***...LIKE THIS *** ANGRY NlGGER WHO BULLIES WOMEN...

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Everyone in Florida is terrible though, you included.

But seriously wtf is wrong with EVERYONE IN FLORIDA.

West Columbia, South Carolina, United States #801847

I love how you're sitting there calling yourself a "pretty white woman".No decent, classy pretty white woman would talk about someone like that.

As an ACTUAL kind white woman, I am absolutely APPALLED by your response as it was absolutely disgusting. You are the one that is a *** disgrace, not the person who "HARASSED" you. I don't believe half the *** you're saying; in fact, I believe you pulled it all out of your fat ***. I bet you're just some white trash piece of *** because ANYONE who gets THIS upset about MCDONALDS is more than likely not a "kind, innocent, pretty white woman" like you say you are.

You're *** disgusting for feeling the need to put yourself up on a pedestal like that. How *** DARE YOU for calling out an entire race of people like that from a SINGLE experience at a FAST FOOD RESTAURANT. YOU are the kinds of people that make us southerners look like ill-educated, racist ***.

You are a racist, low-life *** and you need to get the *** over yourself.Go make your own *** sweet tea instead of being a lazy piece of human trash.

to AnActualKindPerson Vincennes, Indiana, United States #817133

Agreed. :)

Dallas, Texas, United States #797300

Let me tell you what you need to do you low life piece of white ***.You need to cook at home with your sorry ***.You probably sit up all day long and Eat.Your *** is probably to fat and Nasty to do anything else.If you do not like "McDonalds stop going their i am so sure they will appreciate that.Know one cares about your sorry *** so go stick your head in your *** and Leave other people along.It never fails poor white trashy *** people always feel like everyone owes them because their *** is trash that know one wants to be bothered with.Where the F--- do you get off taking about other races.You are a scary *** B---- that is trying to cause problems for others.This is to all you "Sorry *** White Poor Trashy *** People"Leave people along.If you do not care for the service at McDonlds stay away.I promise know one will miss your "Sorry ***".Everyone knows when poor white trash is on this post,Because "Rich White People and White people with any type of Stable Life"Do not place a post like yours on this site.Do something in life outside of Eating your F------ life away.

Rockledge, Florida, United States #797289

What did you expect?You are too lazy to go inside and get a refill.

Get a life and stop moaning and complaining.Sounds like you think the world owes you a explanation

to alq #797294

Were you able to read, the letter clearly states it was late at night and the inside was closed.


There is a big difference between *** and blacks, just like there is with Puerto Ricans and spics. You definitely had yourself a ***.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #797231

you shouldn't be calling black people the n word but I hear you.Black people can get bad at mcd's.

Have had it happen before.I'd videotape it next time and send it to the owner, I bet that guy has a criminal record and shouldn't be working there in the first place.

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