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I am so glad I found this site, I was trying to figure out how to start one. I have emailed mcdonalds more times than I can count, all they want to do is send me free food coupons, I tell them upfront I do not want any coupons I just want the problem fixed.

My biggest problem is I like md ice tea, unsweet, extra ice, it says that on the screen and on my ticket. I have gotten so I keep extra straws in my car and when I get my drink I put the straw in and taste it before I will even drive off, then WHEN and it is WHEN it is wrong they ask me to pull into one of the reserved spaces. NO NO NO I AM NOT MOVING because your employee cant read and gave me sweet tea or very little ice. mcdonalds in the Indy area have all been switching to two drive up lanes, WHAT A JOKE, they cant even handle one properly.

My solution is boycott mcdonalds for one week. OR if your order is wrong, get a refund, do not take the corrected order, do not leave until you get the refund. Doing this will insure the correct people will know something is going on and HOPEFULLY start correcting the problem. They dont care that you have to pull up and wait, but they sure want you to have your payment ready when you pull up to the window.

All the owner wants is your money for what, BAD food and Worse service. Lets everyone MAKE them change.

We are the customer. It feels soooo good that someone is going to read this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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Jerks like you refusing to move with people behind you in line! WOW.

These complaints here make me so happy I don't work at McDonald's anymore being treated like a dog by the rudest, whiniest, most self righteous, STUPIDEST customers on the whole planet.

The ice dispenser is automatic, you can hit extra ice on the order but the machine never actually dispenses it


I am so upset I found this site. We have a McDonalds, and try very hard to get it right, as all owners do.

We have regular customers that we love, and they love us. It is a huge process on the inside. Pleeeaaase come in and see how your order happens from start to finish. We have automatic beverage dispensers that dispenses ice & drinks when you order, so we don't count the ice cubes or anything.

Sometimes we mistakes, as do you, but it is fast food. Doesn't tea come in 2 different cups there, foam for sweet & plastic for unsweet?


All of this over a tea? This is kind of retarded.

Please leave the Internet. Thank you for your consideration.

@Garcia McCheese

Tea is just my example, read the rest of the complaints, it makes no difference if it is food or beverage. Straighten out your store


If it is that bad at that store, please go to another one so that you can be a happy McDonalds customer. That is all we want.

That is why they keep sending you BOG cards, because apparently you call a lot and there is nothing they can do there to make you happy. I feel sorry for you.


You are right, McDonalds can do nothing to make me happy, I have put up with it long enough. Since my first post "wanting to vent" I have not been to a McDonalds.

I have found that Steak N Shake suits me just fine, their tea is just as good, there cups are bigger and it is crammed with ICE. I have seen your inside store operation, I'm not impressed. I do hospitality for my job and we feed and serve as many as 3000 people in a matter of 4 hours and yes I have had a complaint. (1) ONE, in 8 years.

This is with a staff of 9 people including myself. I know what it takes and what we have to do to make everyone happy and I expect no less when I am the customer.

So yes, I do think my complaint is legit. That is why I Do Not use the free coupons, they serve no purpose if the problem isn't fixed on the next visit

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