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We went to McDonald’s to order dinner on November 3o 2018 . We went through the drive through we ordered two double quarter pounder meals for our children and two meals for ourselves as well we went home after we were given tge food and starters to eat the meals my children had already eaten over half their burgers when we noticed the meat they were eating was raw we proceeded to call the McDonald’s and complained and they hesitantly told us to drive all tge way back to tge restaurant to resolve the issue once we arrived back to the McDonald’s tge cook was super aggressive and angry and disputed that the meat was even raw or from this restaurant it was ridiculous!

He was irate and verbally abusive and the manager on duty was laughing at tge gooks behavior and thought it was humoytge only thing they offered us was fresh combos tgey recooked tge burgers and we wee super hesitant to accept them as because tge cook was so angry we were nit certain what he would do in retaliation to our food it was bad so bad but they cooked tge burgers over and put them on the partially eaten buns and reused the veggies from tge raw meat burgers and only put new sauce on tgem as it can be assumed we did not allow our children to even eat those burgers and we left before any further anger was shown from McDonald’s. It was a nightmare since then we have contacted McDonald’s and asked to speak to legal or corporate to rectify this situation as our children got desperately ill after eating this raw meat and acquired dr bills and they suffered as well so we asked to speak to legal or corporate and thus was in November we have not heard from them at all not a peep so we are now in the process of possibly acquiring a attorney because this is wrong and liable on so many levels we were treated so low and disgusted with tge behavior of tge management at McDonald’s

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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your typical mcdonalds experience. for some bizarre reason they are now making all of their boogers raw inside. someone who is elderly or a child or someone who is in poor health could die from food poisoning from eating the raw meat.


Forget the attorney. You suffered no damages other than a gruesome meal.

Mickey D owes you for the cost of it, but that's all. Sorry, but that's how it works ; and no, I am not a troll or a malcontent but I know a lot about product liability.


Mickey D is alot like the late great Wacko Jacko was. Both of them can afford to pay multimillion dollar settlements against them and never miss a dime because they are so filthy rich. And both wacky and unhealthy and strange and not something you would want around your children.