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Recently, I went to the McDonald's at Broadway and Kellogg in Wichita Kansas and was charged $0.10 for the water and $0.50 for a small cup of extra pickles. Now come on, that is ridiculous and it is also overly excessive if you just want to have more than one pickle on your sandwich.

this situation is on top of a previous situation, where I was charged a dollar extra for additional gravy for biscuits and gravy at McDonalds. If there had been enough gravy originally, it wouldn't have been an issue.

I think that they have become petty and excessive in the charging policies. McDonalds has probably lost my business especially considering that there is a Wendy's , Subway, and Sonic within just a few hundred feet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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TL;dr - Water is usually free unless a location decides to charge (usually due to abuse). All food costs money - don't look for a free meal of pickles and sausage gravy.

Charging for water with the purchase of a food - that's new. Most locations will give you a cup (smaller than a regular cup) for water if requested for free. This may be a decision this location had made for whatever reason (typically because of repeat abuse by "customers). Now, I stand with their decision on the pickles and gravy.

***Food Cost Accounting 101*** Had you just asked for extra pickles on your sandwich, it would have likely been free. By asking for a cup of pickles, that's your mistake. Everything costs something to the business and by extension to the customer. The cup and lid, as well as the pickles, have a cost.

Typically included in the price of the sandwich, the business needs to recoup the cost somewhere. The price is more because you need to account what's being thrown out as waste (outdated, dropped, otherwise under able). This also goes for the gravy which is much more expensive due to the fact that it has a shorter prepared shelf life, more expensive ingredients (crumbled sausage, gravy mix), and more of it is thrown out. That being said, you can't be upset about being charged for extra.

Each item's cost includes x amount of all components. If you want extra, be prepared to pay for it.


Here is the simple solution. If you cannot afford to pay 10 cents for a cup of water, 50 cents for extra pickles or $1 for extra gravy than do without it.

Why should you get more and not have to pay for it? If you want extra pickles or gravy then make your own food.

Or visit a soup kitchen. Get off your entitlement issues.


Once I was homeless and staying at the Union Rescue Mission In Sacremento, California. I had a really good friend there named Adam who was my best friend and we hung out together.(Adam was black and I am white) We went to the Loaves And Fishes place for lunch and it was the first time that I had been there and when it was time to leave I left out the wrong door.

I met up with Adam outside and he told me that they were giving out frr $5 McDonald's gift certificate booklets at the door where everyone was suppossed to leave. I was very disappointed that I missed out. But Adam told me that he didn't want the McDonald's gift certificates and that he wanted to sell them for beer money. I gladly bought them from him at a reduced price, I can't remember exactly how much, but i got a good deal on them and enjoyed getting to pig out at McDonalds for only a couple of bucks or so.

I think that McDonalds gift certificates are a good thing to give to someone who is about to take a long greyhound trip, since they keep stopping there so much. Also, one night at the Union Gospel mission, right after they turned out the lights for the night, one of the homeless guys staying there said real loudly "GOOD NIGHT JOHN BOY!!!!" and I laughed hysterically because I used to regularly watch the Waltons all the time and that's what they would say at the end of the show.


You, sir, are a delight! Be safe out there.


SImple solution. If you cannot afford to pay 10 cents for water, 50 cents for extra pickles or a dollar for extra gravy than do without.

They should not give you everything for free. Just do with what you can afford or make your own food.

Visit a soup kitchen. You don't want to pay do without.

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