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I just left Comer's Children Hospital with a sick 7 year, sleepy husband that school tomorrow and all of us were hungry. We stopped at two McDonald's both had people inside and no one ever answered the notification.

Well, we caught the lazy, inept workers at the second one (69th and Lafayette - Dan Ryan). Guess McDonald's only wishes for exemplary service in OTHER neighborhoods. Uploading to send to corporate. I just saved them a few hundred $$ for a secret shopper - that's if they care Watch the video HERE -

UPDATE: The area manager for McDonald's called me, but she didn't know how to use Youtube and didn't have an email address that I could send her a link to.

Hmmmmm! Guess we have really great processes in place, huh?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Hey that was me in the video waving but I do apologize for that night because our policy do state from 2:45a.m to 3a.m is the store clean up period n even though we wasnt open after that time is brought among the manger which is over the crew . (my position). So I could do is wave cause my manger didnt open the store


C'mon, Danielle. You're surprised about your experience in McD's in that neighborhood?


It didn't look like a "get lost" wave, but they weren't rushing towards the window either. Did you talk to any of the employees that night?


Big Bruce, if you see the end of the video. They waved me off at the drive thru when they saw I was video taping.

They made no attempt to come to the window. They were simply loafing off on the clock with no intention of conducting any sales.


For your video at 6900 S Lafayette Ave - that's pretty bad that no one was able to take your order. I've always hated the radios fast food places use to take orders because wireless systems (especially for PA systems) are so unreliable in cities. I'm guessing this was more of a radio fail/interference and nobody picked up on it.