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Well, last weekend me and my friends decide to go to mcdonalds, we drive in the parking lot and theres two employees smoking outside.. we were talking amongst ourselves and my friend was telling us a story, (cursing) because she was pissed..

we were about to go in to order..but we didnt so we went through the drive thru.. they were like were you guys jsut in the parking lot.. we were like yes..they said leave now your not getting served !:O.. welll then..

we had no idea y so we went in to see what the problem was, and they assumed we cursed at them when really it had nothing to do with them considering we have NO clue who they are.. they were cursing at us telling us to get out now, aka the "manager", soo now i say SCREW MCDICKS..

wheres burger king !

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like hahahaha, serves you right little beggars


If you knew how to tell a story without profane language this would have never happened. People that use swear words as substitutes usually have a limited vocabulary.

Maybe you should have paid more attention in school.

Then you would not sound so dumb. :grin


like some who listen to music at ear popping sound,some speak way to loud, they should not have heard you if you were in your car and they were outside, use your inside voice next time.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #36201

Well you were acting like undisciplined 11 -12 year olds so they treated you like one. Are you sure you have your license because your friend displayed the behaviour of a 11 or 12 year old that thinks it is "cool" to swear.

Abiansemal, Bali, Indonesia #36177

maybe next time you won't use foul language in public.

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