Monroe, Louisiana
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I am not one to complain. I have loved eating at McDonalds since I was a little girl, and I have never had a complaint, until now!!

My family of five and I ate there tonight, and I ordered the "angus deluxe", the order was promptly filled. When I opened the box, unwrapped the burger, it was ice cold, the cheese was cold and unmelted, the lettuce was so limp that it looked a week old.

My email doesn't work, so please contact me via mail. Angie Nash-

P.o. box 2092 hamilton, Al

One mad customer, please improve!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

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thanks Johnnie

I lost my clothes My Pickup every thing

But i got a Duster

to clean up with ? Ish.


Own this business?

If you have any complaints forward to Att:Phil Bird Owner.

Edit Company Info

Mc Donald's, Phil Bird, Mcdonald's

2006 11th Avenue

Haleyville, AL 35565-1610 map

Phone:(205) 486-5859


What kind of *** jack *** runs this Restraunt in Hamilton Alabama It has to be an incompedent *** manager that would not send in customers to sample stuff one in a while in his own store what a dum jack *** store manager If i were Owner I would fire the manager and replace him with some one who cares.


Instead of writing a letter and wasting time, you could have asked for a replacement.


McDonald'sDistrictCunt should go *** himself again with the milkshake machine.


Wow, sounds like one serious tragedy. Your hamburger was cold?

Do you need a shoulder to cry on, sweetie?

I don't suppose, um, that you might have asked for a replacement burger. Or would that have been just a little too complicated for you?


I placed an order for 5 hamburgers with extra pickles at a McD's in San Diego. The order was promptly filled by the time I got to the pick-up window.

When I returned to work to eat my dinner I discovered none of the burgers, despite having a sticker on them saying "extra pickle", had any extra pickles. In addition to this, one of the burgers had NO MEAT!

Ordering a burger with extra pickles and receiving a burger with no meat and no extra pickles is absolutely horrific service. I could forgive a lazy worker for just slapping an "extra pickle" sticker on a burger from the bin.

But no meat... This is outrageous!