Covington, Kentucky
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I hadn't been to McDonlds in a while and thought I would get a Big Mac at Newport ky location. After getting it home I took the bun off and couldn't believe the burger was the size of a silver dollar and 80% bread.

After ripping all the bread off around the tiny piece of meat there was nothing left. Done with that dump !!! I also noticed the store had just had a major remodeling.

Evidently, they must be paying for it by using less meat and tons of lettuse. I'll stick to Burger King from now on.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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ive notices that all burgars at fast food resturants have been shrinking but mcdonalds has the most noticible change!


I agree with you 100%. It is a disgrace the way that Mickey D's has been making their Boogers so much smaller.

Just another way to rip off the consumer. And now, they are serving up raw Quarter Pounders w/ Cheese, and if you take them back to complain, they will cook you up another Booger that is as dry as shoe leather, so watch out!


Ignore MrsFatAssLea. She is a racist bigot who thinks she can command others because her "husband" works for Walmart's Home Office as a janitor.


There is no beef at MickeyDs anymore. They would rather hire people who just hopped the border this morning rather than Americans.