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Why is it that our Mcdonalds here in Port saint john florida can not seem to ever get our order right consistantly,Tonight was the back breaker,i went down to get food for trhe family spent $16.00 and a little change,i got out of my car and went in because every time i go thru the drive thru they give me old soggy nasty fries,but if i go in i get good ones,not soggy cold ones,also i like to make sure i get all my order before i leave as on multipul occasions i have been shorted hamburgers etc or a frie,well i went in and got my order everything looked good till i got home and my gf said Honey come here there is no meat on my hamburger,they gave us two pieces of bun with just cheese on it,then on our large chicken Mcnuggests they shorted us on 3 mcnuggets,had i wanted a smaller size i would not have ordered the large mcnuggets,this has really gotton rediclious with this Mcdonalds its a *** shoot if your gonna get all your food,or if its gonna be fit to eat as my double quarter pounder was cold,and i live 2 miles from mcdonalds,i have lived in this neighborhood 20 years,and i quit eating mcdonalds except for every now and then because it has been so screwed up down there,so this was my first visit in a couple months there,but we figured we would give it a try again as we like the food when its given to us in a etiable manner and its all there,and we get a hamburger pattie on out hamburgers,this is rediclious i was gonna go back down there pitch a hissy fit.but its not worth it

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #610733

Do you really think when a person orders chicken nuggets that they count the number that goes in the container, and if you do, you really need to get a life. When I order things like that there are times I get more than expected.

There are times when I go the place that I go most often I order 10 along with two sides. When I get home, I divide them evenly with my daughter and she has one side and I have one.

A lot of the time there is more than 10 in the box. It is time to grow up.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #610695

If so bad why do you go back? Just because you are too lazy to go in and check your order hwen it comes out why do you blame them.

Blame yourself for being so dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :p :p

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