Winchester, Virginia

Small town, local McDonalds, in the past, the three of us at our workplace get McDonald's breakfast M-F. In 2011, we spent $1,820.00 at this store for breakfast only, doesn't include lunches from time to time.

They get the drive-thru order correct 50% of the time, so, we started checking the order in the bag before leaving the window. This infuriated the employees, we were holding up the line. The line that I might add, needs held up so that they have time to mto the food. Which is the second complaint here, 90% of the time I am asked to pull forward and an average time of 10 minutes to get the food.

Really? Thought McD's was fast food. Anyway, this morning I refused to pull forward and the manager became very mean about how I was going to cause their employees to go outside in the cold to deliver food to the cars behind me. Enough.

I will never spend another penny at McDonalds. This was the New Market, Virginia store #16407.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Drive-through.

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Susie, sounds like you have some past history because we are ALWAYS looking for managers, moving managers up through the system, etc. And since you know the times and are correct, the original poster is exagerating. Nothing takes 10 minutes.


As a former restaurant manager as well as one of the individuals who helped to open the McDonalds in my hometown as a crew member in high school, I have to agree with the original poster. I know the cook times on every single item in a McDonalds, from the 10:1, 4:1, fries, breakfast meats, and chicken.

In fact, the chicken products are the only ones with long cook times. On the mandated platen grills, a breakfast meat should take no longer than 35-40 seconds to cook. I can cook a special grill item (add or remove cheese/condiment/etc) from start to finish in under two minutes. There is no reason for a customer to wait more than five minutes tops for an order even in a major rush!

During these tough economic times, I have been looking for employment.

I cannot even get an interview at the local McDonalds because I am "over qualified." It has been my experience that most McDonalds now hire large staffs with no customer service ability or cooking talent so they can keep employee costs down. It would be in the best interests of McDonalds and the consumer to hire better employees, pay fewer talented employees that can do the job well instead of padding the schedule cheap *** and bring McDonalds back to what it used to be instead of trying to cash in on the upscale market.


You have to put into consideration the fact of how busy is it inside the store, how much staffing do they have. If you are having this many problems when you go there why do you keep going back.

Orders are made as they are being taken, so if they only have a couple of people in the back it will take a little bit longer. Mayber they ran out of something unexpectedly and had to make more, we dont know how much of something is going to be ordered.

Did you ever think maybe you should cook at home once in awhile, arent there better things you can go and spend your money on other then greasy fast food. I may work for the company but you couldnt pay me enough to eat the food on a regualr basis.

@McD Manager

I completely agree with you! I hate these people who say this happens every time they come here and I'm like if you don't like our service go somewhere else.


Why would you refuse to pull forward? That creates additional problems and solves none of them.


You could probably save a grand if you learn to cook at home.


you get what you pay for. cheap food, cheap service.