Not only is McDonalds unhealthy and that is putting it nicely but now they lowering their standards even more with a new slogan "If you're lovin', you're not hatin'" or something *** like that. Since when is slang and not using correct English ok? They are really "steppin" down now.

If you are still eating there, please do your research and STOP eating there! I am a vegetarian and only eat whole foods, organic foods and visit the farmers market every week and the myth that eating healthy is more expensive is not correct. My food cost went down, A LOT! Plus I am not putting money into the pockets of these companies. Just read about why the way our McDonald's food is made is not allowed in other countries....very eye opening. Watch Food Inc, Forks Over Knives or any of the other great documentaries about why you should eat healthy and stop eating at fast food restaurants. I know what's going into my body, do you?

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Its none of your business how people choose to eat. If you choose to eat healthy, that's up to you.

If the fat people out there choose to stuff their faces, that's up to them. Like eat what i like said, don't go and shove your beliefs on people.

Irving, Illinois, United States #897974

YeH, c'mon you do-gooders.....this is America.

Fatties have the RIGHT to stuff themselves and ruin their health so they can visit the doctor every month and run our insurance deductibles through the roof :(


Mind your own business and don't worry about what other people eat. How is it any of your business what other people put into their bodies?

You want to eat healthy and be a vegetarian, that's your business, but leave others alone. I too try to eat healthy and buy all is my foods as fresh as I can, but I don't shove my beliefs down other people's throats because it's rude and invasive and rather stuck up of you.

This is America and people have the right to eat however and whatever they want without busy bodies trying to make them feel badly about themselves for it. Next, wait for someone to ask for your opinion before you share it, please.

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