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i visted the store on butterfield and york road in elmhurst,illinois i asked that my order to be fresh. i ordered a daily double meal with a large sweet ice tea.

the manager was at the window told me that all food was fresh and tried to give an ice tea in a large cup intened for a medium drink.whenever i request a fresh meal i thought as always that it would be made to order. i was told no. i then went to the mcdonalds on 25th and washington in bellwood,illinois where i was given exactly what i wanted, i think he was rude to me and racist because i was of another race which should not have mattered what i wanted . he also told me he didnt care if i did complain.

well thats what im doing i have visited that mcdonalds in elmhurst many times with no problem who is this guy he should not be working with the public. i was hurt because i never encountered anything like this .

he should be reprimandate immediatley i dont want him to lose his job but as a manager he should not refuse me what i wanted or at least tell me that he didnt have cups of i would have to wait for my food he makes me not want to visit mcdonalds anyway i visit because it is quick and i like your sweet tea and your fries very much but not if im going to be refused the service im accustomed to . i have worked for mcdonalds in chicago on diversey and narragansett for two years on the grill and i always received fresh orders and made them accordingly im very disappointed with this store and will not visit again and will think twice before i visit another

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