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Comment: I went inside . I ordered one cheeseburger and a sweet tea, The girl that took my order started taking orders outside to waiting customers.

A young man came up and asked me if I was still waiting on my order , he asked me what I was waiting on as he worked there but was not working that day. I told him my order and he started to walk behind the counter to get my tea and inquire about my burger , ten minutes had gone by the girl that took my order approached me and him I asked if I could just get my money back that it was crazy to have to keep waiting. At that point I was handed my burger but no tea, she moved on to helping the drive thru girl bag an order, along with two other girls who were bagging and running orders outside, they were dropping fries all over the floor and banging into each other..

I asked to speak to a manager, I believe her name was Amber (blonde hair older app 30) I told her about the service, all she said was SORRY WE'RE BUSY, The young man said shouldn't she get a free pie, the manager said " No and you're making this worse". , I said I didn't want the pie, as i turned and walked out she said loudly , CLEARLY YOU CAN SEE SHE ISN't IN A GOOD MOOD

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: just to let know about store manager.

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I went to the McDonald's on Prien Lake Road in Lake Charles, Louisiana this morning to use one of my "Booger King" coupons. I got two Sausage and Egg McMuffins and Two Hashbrowns and Two small coffees all for $5.51.

I saw a sign they had on the wall that said that all customers were limited to 30 minutes inside of the "restaurant" only while eating food. And it said that NO LOITERING was allowed and that if you wanted extra condiments that you had to pay for them. Well, I'll Be Damned! I always thought that you could just go to McDonald's and hang out in there as long as you wanted to and take advantage of the all you can drink coke refills.

Also, I asked for a water cup and the young lady gave me a plastic see thru cup that she filled with ice water for me. I went and got a refill of water, but first I let the water run for like 30 seconds to clear it out because I have learned from experience that if you just put it in right away that it will taste bad. What's the weather like today in Lake Charles? It's Hot As Blazes & I'm Sweating Bullets.

It's Oppressively Hot and Sultry, Sticky, Steamy & Sizzling.

They used to play a song on our local television station that went "Taking pride in Louisiana is what we do, from the Cameron coast to the Vernon pines we're here for you, the Best Part of America is Our Home In Cajun Land, we're together heart to heart and hand to hand, that's seven at your service, KPLC!" Alot of people say that Southwest Louisiana is the best part of America, but I have traveled all over these Flocking United States, and I've been to many places that I think are much better. I'm not a fan of the oppressive heat and humidity.And they also got alot of white trash racists around here as well.


Make sure to keep your word to never go back.


I know what you mean. I always vow never to go back to McDonald's, but I always end up going back sooner or later.


I will.