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I'm firstly addressing the Mcdonald's in downtown Clarksburg WV. For starters, the majority of employees look strung out on {{Redacted}}.

They also let other {{Redacted}} addicts lounge around all day on their front steps, deal in the parking lot, *** money, etc. As far as service goes, AWFUL!!! I used to go through the drive-through and order the same thing every time. They still couldn't get it right!

I'd get 2 large ICED mochas, but they'd either make them hot, frapp, or not even put the syrup in. Now what the heck is a mocha without chocolate? This happened at least 15 times. Either no one is training them on the proper ingredients, or they're just careless (or high).

Now, this summer, when the Iced Macchiato came out, I first tried it at a Mcdonalds out of town. I fell in love! After that, I kept going back to my local for more, but (shocker) no one could get it right! They were never apologetic about their mistakes either.

They always argued with me when I would complain it wasn't sweet enough, or too sweet. Do they not measure their ingredients???? Half the time they wouldn't even give me macchiatos. I don't even know what you would consider them.

Coffee and milk? Terrible! Most of the time I didn't even say anything. I would just throw them out, then go to the Mcdonalds across town.

However, one day I'd had enough. I had 1 hour to get coffee, get changed and get to work. I got handed 2 hot macchiatos when I specifically asked for iced (as always). I politely reminded her.

She was already acting irritated with me. Then I watched her get 2 ice cups and pour the drinks straight into them! Wtf? I politely told her that was not correct, as macchiatos are layered drinks.

That's what makes it a macchiato! She got super rude with me, telling me it was the same exact thing and didn't know what the problem was. I even gave her the benefit of the doubt. I told her to let me taste one, and if it was remotely edible I would take them and leave.

Well it wasn't! It was like an overly sweet caramel latte. No thanks! When I told her it wasn't good, she kept asking me what I wanted as if my sole purpose was to confuse her.

"What is wrong with them??? Do you want more caramel, more milk? I don't understand what you want!!" What I wanted was her to remake them, and make them right! I paid $8 for those things!

At that point she was about to have a psycho fit and I didn't fancy a spit layered macchiato so I politely just asked for my money back. She yelled at me saying I was complaining about nothing and slammed the window in my face. Not wanting to hold up the line, I just pulled off in disbelief. Had it not been so early and I wasn't in my pajamas, I'd have went inside and made a macchiato with her face.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I became so I went back to the drive through prepared to at least light her up verbally and get my money back, but the line was too long. I finally just accepted defeat, went home, and called the restaurant. They put me on with whom I believe is the district manager. I thought he'd take care of me.

He said he'd send me free coupons and offered a refund any time I could make it in. Btw, when the coupons came they were just for free meals. I don't eat there! I just wanted my macchiatos.

When made correctly it's better than Starbucks. Ruined my whole day, needless to say, AND I was late for work! After this ordeal, I started making the extra drive across town, (should never have had to) where they were the complete opposite, and way too strict on their measurements. They refused to stop filling the majority of my cup with ice.

5 or 6 sips out of a large drink and it's gone! I tried ordering light ice, and I'd get a cup not even half way full. When asking if I could have more drink and less ice or air, they refused. I finally just stopped going to all Mcdonald's altogether.

One can't get their {{Redacted}} straight and the other is full of {{Redacted}}. McDonald's PLEASE coach your employees on the full CORRECT menu, and give a lesson on acceptable attitudes and customer satisfaction. "The customer is always right," so need not argue with us! And dear God, if a beverage comes in a large cup and we pay nearly $4.00 for it, FILL IT ALL THE WAY UP!!!!

You've already downsized the large to what a medium used to be anyway, so come on now! You're getting your money and I'm tired of wasting mine.

Also, random drug testing wouldn't be so bad either. Ughh...

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Drive-through.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow, it would seem to be easier to just change restaurants than to write all this.

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