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I waited in line for 45 minutes at the Kent, OHIO location. After waiting 45 minutes AFTER my 12 hour shift at my job, I was starving and so happy to order finally.

Then the guy proceeded to tell me that they were closed, when there were 5 cars in front of us waiting at the window for their food? I was so disappointed mind you this McDonald’s is OPEN 24/7!!!! ALSO, I witnessed the man working the window SPIT INTO SOMEBODYS FOOD!!!! I am so disappointed and am curious as to who was managing this restaurant at this point??

I proceeded to call the restaurant to see what the deal was and the guy was so nasty to me that I don’t think I will ever revisit this location or spread any good word about it. I will be compensated for the time I spent sitting in my car waiting and will continue to wait for a reply from you.


A Very Disappointed Customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What compensation do you want. You were not charged.

You did not get any food. Why not just visit a soup kitchen if you cannot afford Mcdonalds.


Because then they would actually have to walk inside to get their meal. Soup Kitchens don't have drive thru windows that they can go through.


I don't suppose you ever thought of actually parking your car and hauling yourself into the joint to order, did you?


I'm glad that all of those lazy slobs use the drive-thru. It's always real crowded in the lobby.


Sounds normal for fast food places. Hold your breath for compensation.


They are entitled to none.