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STORE# 1730 / This is the slowest, worst customer service, poor attitude, most mistakes made McDonalds in the country. A few weeks ago ( NOVEMBER ) I pulled up to the drive through & ordered 3 hamburgers.

The order taker asked if I wanted cheese with that, I stated no, If I wanted cheese I would order cheeseburgers not hamburgers. I drive 5 miles home, & open up my package & there were 3 CHEESEBURGERS ! Called & complained to CLAUDIA / the manager & all she said was sorry, bring them back & i'll exchange them. 5 miles each way is rediculous.

An offer for a full refund next time in the area & a free meal would have been better customer service.

OnDec 6th I waited in the drive through line for 10 minn, there was only 3 cars in front of me I ordered a double QTR pounder ( NO CHEESE) & a 20 piece nuggests. When I got to the window they told me to move up & they would bring it out, it wasnt ready. At that time noone was behind me. Then 2 more cars came & got their food & left, & the next 2 behind them were also asked to pull forward into 2 other specified mcdonalds waiting spots.

I times 8 minn on my watch, a guy came out & brought food to one of the other cars that pulled in after me & as he passed going back into the store I requested a refund, that I wasnt waiting anymore. He said that it would be right out to please wait & apollogized for the extra long delay.

I told him not only will it come, but i'm 100% it will also be wrong. & it had cheese complaint again to CLAIDIA !

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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So Sad!!!!!!!!! Do you need a box of kleenex???????

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