Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

I went to the macdonalds in stratford, and got the worst service.ever! i had to repeat myself at least 5 times at the window as the girl speaking was laughing obviously having a great time with the othee workera, when i finally got to the window they had to ask me 3 times what my meal was after me telling them each tome!

They gave me the wrong drink, the fries were so.salty i couldnt eat them, and the chicken nuggets werent cooked at all!!! Nor.was there any.sauce in the bag like i asked for!!

I think its about time to get some new staff! I returning to any of the macdonalds locations!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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grow up!!!!


How do you know it was the girl taking your order that was laughing? It could have been employees in the background.

Also in a lot of the fast food places the person taking the drive up orders are so close to the counter where the indoor customers are placing their orders. What you heard could have been some customers. Another thing there are times when it is really hard to hear what the customer is saying over the intercom. Some of the customers don't alwasy speak real clear and sometimes they don't look out of their car window as they place the order.

It is always nice to blame somebody else, but maybe you should examine your own speaking habits.

Did you check your order before leaving the window. Also when you order fries you can order them without salt.