Atlantic City, New Jersey

mcdonalds is basically the only food I can really afford in the area while at work so im pretty much forced to eat here or suffer till I get home for dinner. heres why you shouldn't go to THIS franchise.

- EVERY DAY I have to argue with the woman at the window about my order being wrong AND SHE CANT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH 75% OF THE TIME!!!

- I have personally reported 2 cases of food poisoning but there was a third that could have been applebees.

- the employees are miserable and one couldn't get my order right at the speaker and asked me if I was stoned...REALLY?!?!?!?!?

- The Managers run around like chickens with their heads chopped off and I don't blame them because they have to operate the facility as well as babysit a bunch of grown kids that only have the job because welfare stopped paying them!

I have worked at mcdonalds before and I understand it isn't the best job in the world but you are still getting paid to serve a purpose so DO IT RIGHT!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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So you were poisoned two times, and you still go back. Yeah right.

Sounds like you are making it seem worse than it is. You worked there before sounds like a disgruntled employee to me more than anything. Also making your own lunch is cheaper. Also your English is not perfect either.

Learn how to use proper capitalization. This is taught in grade 1.


One pack your own lunch instead of going there everyday. If you did that instead of eating out like a lazy *** you wouldn't have to worry about food poisoning or having to argue with the employee for screwing your order up. And lastly, stop going there if you have such a problem.

That's the issue with all these complaints, you act as if you add a bunch of screw ups that the employees did, people will feel bad for you. No one feels for you. Just stop going back... pretty simple concept.


You claim to have all these problems and yet you still patronize the place, not too bright.

Have your mommy pack your lunchbox.


You sound like whiner. Pack a lunch with you then and act like an adult.


Picky, picky, of course you have worked at McDonald's at some time. Your reference to grown kids working there because their welfare was cut off, is just plain obnoxious.

Exactly what do you mean grown kids. Most of the people working in fast food places, are teenagers, working to either help out at home or save for college. Or some of them are working their way through college. Then there are the senior citizens that are working to supplement their social security.

Just because a person doesn't speak perfect English doesn't mean they aren't qualified to work. Did your ancestors speak any type of English at all when they first came to America?

Maybe there was a good reason for the person to ask you if you were stoned.