Carlisle, Pennsylvania

very upset that the mcdonalds in harrisburg on johnstown road is full of rude emplyees. i used to visit there atleast 2 maybe 3 times a week because i ate my lunch there.

everyday its another fight with the employees. they r always outside smoking or giving the person in line behind me my food. either way, everyday is a pain. im just discusted and have now started visiting taco bell during lunch hour.

i understand mcdonalds wrkers are usually young n rude, but this place is just full of em..even manager is rude. im discusted with the service lately.

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Judging from your spelling and grammar I am assuming the person behind you they always give your food to is your parent. After all it was your parent who paid for the food and they are only doing this because children like you tend to drop things.

They are just doing this so you can eat your happy meal and they don't have to make another one fresh for you incase you drop it. I know thta in third grade you want to feel like a big boy or girl.



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