Columbus, Ohio
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Today, mid-afternoon, I went to the local(Van Wert, Ohio south store). I ordered 1 grilled chicken-bacon wrap and 1 crispy chicken-bacon wrap.

The monitor at the drive-thru was not working for me to review the order and I could not understand the operator. When I got home, I had received 1 grilled sweet chili chicken wrap and 1 crispy sweet chili chicken wrap.

I had spent the last of my $$ for the month and did not have enough gas in my car to go back. Yes, we ate them, but have ordered the two requested twice before and much prefer them

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Shame, shame, shame on you, if you spend the last of you money for the month on fast food, instead of gas for your car. If you aren't any smarter than that, you shouldn't be able to drive.

You have no money left for the last four weeks of the month. I have worked in fast food, and have never seen a monitor at the drive thru that was able to be seen by the customer. The only monitor that anybody should be able to see, is the one that tells the people preparing the food what to prepare and the customer would have no way of knowing if it is their food or not.

Next time you order take out, check the order before you leave the site.


I get paid this week, I didn't run out with 4 weeks to go!!!!!!!!! And I was speaking of the order monitor in the drive-thru, probably wrong word for it!!

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