Knoxville, Tennessee

I went thru the drive thru as I do every morning. At least 3 out of 5 days my order is wrong.

I am so tired of this. Best thing to do is guit McDonalds and be done with it. I am so tired of paying for things and getting the wrong thing. (Unsweetened tea is the biggest Problem) If I order sweet tea that is what I want.

If I order a bacon biscuit, why do i get a sausage biscuit. I have spoke to management about this and she just acts like no big deal It is becoming a big deal to me

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I agree with you !!

They don't care get the cash screw the food up who cares.


At Mcdonalds your order is not paid for until it is complete and the timer on the register is completed . If you have problems your order is not correct you recieve stale food , dont pay until you have checked everything, Cashiers are not to accept your money until you have your order in hand completed at the register not before your order is assembled thats the procedure and dont let anyone tell you Otherwise.

transaction that are not assembled for should not be paid for in advance. That is Mcdonalds procedure, I know I worked at a corporate store many years ago, ther is no reason to change that policy to get your money faster, hold up the line until your order is exactly what u want , Dont settle for less its your Money dam it!!!!!


you can contract Hepatitis A, B, C and Salmonella from spoiled food, the onset of these diseases are not apparent until they are in you r digestive track, It only takes 20 minutes for food to spoil especially meat, and mayonnaise. Be careful where you buy food from and examine it closely.


Sir or Mame this is a common problem you should not pay for your order until you check it, screw the manager and every dumb cashier. I will not in any circumstance now order anything threw a drive threw window or counter until I check my order you see Mcdonalds cashiers are to complete your order in 3 Minutes what they are doing is making you pay and then wait for your order.

It is time consumers stop paying up front to get your money back is a hassle to get a manager to do it . After what happen to me I will never pay for my order until it is complete and i have checked my items , Mcdonalds corp will get the message after you hold up the money they get from you and realize their stores are not complying with their own procedures anymore.Remember dont pay for anything until your order is right, if not you can drive off to any other fast food to get a *** to eat thats exactly what you ordered.


Not surprising , Mcdonalds cash registersare simple to use yet the employees cant spell so when you orser any item you have to read it the drink section and all other items are color coded on the panel yet the cashiers dont know what to push on the display I worked every station at Mcdonalds even the fryers you all you have to do is push that *** button and the timer tells you when the fries are done/cookeed. If a cashier cant place an order she dosent belong on the register simple as that.

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