I was given the wrong food. There is nothing more *** wrong then getting the wrong food.

I will never going that that mcdonalds again. I always have a problems there...make sure to always check what they hand you. Instead of the people double checking when they hand you the food they just grab a bag and give it to you...I asked for a number 12 which is a bacon egg and cheese bagel and I got some steak *** with nasty onions on it. I can not even pick off the onions.

That is just wrong. Trying to push people thru the line and giving them something that they did not order...need to check the way people are getting there orders......!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $5.

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smart guy

I'm sure they are going to miss you.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #562849

The steak'n egg bagel sounds a lot like the bacon 'n egg bagel over the drive-thru speakers… sounds like an innocent mistake to me.

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