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I have bought my four year old a happy meal from Mcdonalds the Minnons toy. I was shocked at the language one of them had.

My child was playing with the toy and it was uttering the phrase "What the ***. Seriously most of the people who happy meals are bought for are still in elementary school. We do not need our children hearing that kind of language and for a toy at Mcdonalds to promote that kind of language is quite offensive.

I immediately took the toy from my daughter and threw all the Minnons toys out. My daughter was upset about this and I had to slap her because she would not stop crying.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #1028055

For those of you bashing this woman there is a thing called discipline. It is not against the law to use physical punishment on your child.

It is no wonder children these days are talking back to adults and stealing. We are afraid of going to jail for disciplining them. This is why we have rude kids and school shootings.

Because if we use physical discipline we are accused of child abuse.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1033174

It is abuse and I have reported this review to the police.


You slapped your child because she/he wouldn't quit crying? Are you serious?

I wish this could be sent to DSS in your area.

What a waste of space! You probably kick your dog for barking too.


Parent of the *** year right here. I hope you die in an elevator fire, your kid would be way better off.


So rather than exchanging the toy for a different one, which all stores do, you hit your kid? Seems to me that you need to be put in jail or your kid taken away.


You should be slapped and told to get your mind out of the gutter. I have talked to many people that have heard that toy and all they hear is a bunch of gibberish.

However, the McDonald's where I live will exchange that toy for another one if the customer brings it back into the store. That being said, I have never believed in buying the happy meals for kids. They are a waste of money and the toys are nothing but cheap junk.

The only really worthwhile toys that ever came with the happy meals was about 15 years ago when the Beanie Babies were in the happy meals. I am 75 and never bought the happy meals for my kids or my adult grand kids.

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