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Last year you guys gave out coupons to trick or treaters for a free soft drink, fried or ice cream. My son and I went this year to collect one for my daughter(who I left at home because she did not want to go trick or treating) and himself. I was told that they are not giving out free coupons this year. You did this for two years and all of a sudden got cheap this year.

It took ten minutes to get to the restaurant and ten mintues to get back which cut down on my son's trick or treating time. I already had to shut his trick or treating time short since my nine year old daughter was home alone because Wal-mart ruined her Halloween.

I feel that to make up for the inconvience which was caused to me and my children, that we(my son, daughter and I) should be offered free value meal coupons. My daughter was disappointed to because I told her that I would get her an ice-cream coupon when we went to Mcdonalds. Now my daughter has no ice cream and is disappointed. She had a bad day and when I told her that Mcdonalds was too cheap to give out coupons today. I would buy my daughter ice cream myself from Mcdonalds, money is not an issue. I am a registered nurse, but it is the principle and lack of quality customer service.

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Complaining about McDonalds is like complaining about Walmart. You can't get something for nothing. The cheaper you go, the less you get.


Type Complaint265 in search, shes had a bad day everywhere!!!! 90k Nurse? Mental patient who should nopt have kids in her care!!!


I want mcdonalds... Mmm.....


Give me a break. It's 1.15 for an ice cream cone.

You're going to be paying thousands for their schooling in a few years anyway.

Stop complaining, drop a couple bucks on your kids, and give it to the economy.


This lady is insane!! God forbid if she doesnt get something for free.

She's an rn that makes 90k a year(supposedly) cant you buy your kids an ice cream cone. Nothing is free anymore and she needs to get over it


How they make me laugh, this site must be infamous for it's unregulated posting.

:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

Worst site I've every seen, never have comments without moderators.


Yeah, I admit they did get cheap this year, but this is because they and other companies are too busy giving away free coupons to this arrogant, registered nurse with entitlement issues who thinks that if she does not get something her way she should be compensated. Wait, the registered nurse is you. Kids if you did not get a free Mcdonalds coupon this Halloween you can all thank complain265, the cheap registered nurse that has a lot and wants even more.


I'm on this one. I went back and re-read the other complaints she has left for all to read, to my disbelief......

she admitted to striking the kids with a tree branch and even admitted to leaving welts on their backs. In my profession I do believe this is considered child abuse.

This needs to be reported to pissed consumers authorities and needs to be investigated. She just better hope that this is a joke on all of her behalf?

Hopefully these kids may have a chance after all.


Ha ha ha!!!!!!! :grin I soooooooooooooo agree with nutty!!

He/she is right! You forgot to ask them for a girt card this time!!!!! :p I've read your other ones and you always want a gift card!!!! want to guess my age???

go ahead, you'll never find out. and before i forget email me any smart elic comet you want!!!!!!!


Why is it that you always tell us that you are a rn? No one cares!!

my mom is an rn too. And you need to suck it up and tell your kids to suck it up!!!!!!!!!

your an ***!!!! :x


Well, nutty she is asking for coupons so that is sort of as bad. I don't think anyone would do anything to her on Halloween, the streets are crowded with police, neighborhood watch and trick or treaters.


You forgot to mention you needed a free gift card on this one. Someone please call child welfare on her.

I work for DCFS and in another state and if she where in my state those kids would be taken from her in a heart beat leaving a 9 yr old home alone because she is too mental to figure out you shouldn't leave a child at that age home alone.

Especially on halloween night when you have (who knows running around luring after childern?) Take everyones advise from all your other complaints get some help. I am sure there are mental wards in the hospital that you supposably work.


You forgot to add that you need another free gift card. Someone please call child welfare on this ***. I work for DCFS and if she were in my state those kids would be taken away from her in a heartbeat.