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I have read alot of complaints on the Pissed Off Consumer website about McDonalds customers who are given sub-par food through the drive through, and then drive all the way home with it before finding out that they got the wrong order, or that their order was screwed up in one of many a ways that McDonalds and only McDonalds can screw up. I just want to say that everyone out there should never leave McDonalds without first checking their food to make sure that everything is as it is supossed to be.

If something is wrong, or you see somebody doing something that they are not supossed to be doing, you need to nut-up and say something about it right then and there. take your half eaten food back to them, slam in on the counter and loudly say "This food is Crap! I want my money back!" and if you see that somebody has 'done something" to your food, call the sherriff's department and the health department. They can prove who did it through DNA testing, and what they are doing is a crime.

Nut-Up and speak loud and clearly and report to the appropriate agencies.

Now, I highly recommend avoiding McDonalds altogether in the first place, but if you MUST go, if you can't help yourself and you have uncontrollable urges and cravings to go to McDonalds, then you need to make sure that they serve up good and delicious hot food like they are supossed to. Ronald McDonald is crying in shame!

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