Jeffersonville, Indiana
Not resolved

After Kings Island my husband and I went to your place 5301 Kings Island Dr Mason, OH 45040 got our food ticket at 8:29pm still have the receipt and left very angry at 9:20pm with no food still there were 9 orders before us and 4 they were working on after waiting for 35 min they deleted our number off the board and we still had no food so 45 min I went to the counter asked for my money back and I got it back so we headed home stopped at 11:15pm at the McDonald's on Grantline road , New Albany , IN and nine cars in drive through and pulled up to speaker and was told to pull up to first window to place our order was not happy and was not going to wait another 30 min or more for nothing and then the next day my daughters stop everyday to get a carmel farppa from your place and always get three forth of a cup and when they ask to get a full cup since the drink is 4 dollars and change they people argue with them and complain because they would like a full drink this happens at the ones on 10th st in jeffersonville IN SO NOT COOL fast food I dont believe every time I go there it is always a nightmare please fix what ever needs to be fixed so so so not cool and I dont know when i plan to go back I am very angry we love your food but never seem to get to eat there and when we have a chance it always goes bad Saturday 10/20/2018 is when we were at the Mcdonalds in Ohio and saturday night was in New Albany In and then Sunday the 21st of October is when my girls had there problem but they get that alot at Mcdonalds because they get a drink there like everyday just what they like Wtf

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Fix your service at all McDonalds.

McDonalds Cons: Leaving mcdonalds after waiting 45 mins for food, Manager not helpful.

  • terrible shift managers
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